Sustainable Tourism in New Zealand

Ask any individual on the street which company earns New Zealand that the largest possible sum of money and 9 times from 10 which you’re sure to listen to ‘Dairy’. Nevertheless a little known reality is that the dairy industry is alongside the tourism industry concerning earning overseas exchange.

In 2007, international tourists spent $8.8billion(1) on our shores. During the specific same time we exported $7.3billion(1) worth of dairy products. If international tourists are so important to our economy, just what does its future hold along with the cost of aviation rising and also the necessity to reduce carbon emissions?

We are an isolated country together with a long-haul destination from our key tourist markets baring Australia. It’s ever cost individuals more to us in contrast to other possible destinations. This limits the amount of people who may travel here. Along with the, add to the traveller’s decision process the impact of aviation within their own carbon footprint and we have got significant challenges to overcome in our efforts to attract international visitors.

New Zealand has been a ‘clean green’ image as well as the substantial attraction for international visitors is our assortment of unspoilt natural landscapes. This is the topic of Tourism New Zealand’s (TNZ) 100% real NZ marketing campaign. Yet many of the service providers that tourists use have not been living up to the ‘clean green’ image.

In order to minimise the carbon footprint international visitors create during their excursion and help improve the environmental impact of the aviation to NZ, TNZ has acknowledged the requirement for our company to offer a sustainable expertise for our clients. This was outlined by TNZ and the Police at the New Zealand Tourism Strategy 2015 (NZTS 2015). Tourism is different over any other business on our countries continuing sustainability for a nation. That’s because New Zealand itself is the product we are selling internationally. Psychotherapy involves supplying the utmost benefit – economical, cultural, societal, and environmental – with couple of undesirable effects as possible ensuring the future of the business and our environment(2).

The main improvement that our industry has had because the publication of the NZTS 2015 is the maturation of the planet’s first integrated ecological operation and quality assurance system – Qualmark Green.     Qualmark is TNZ’s official independent mark of each Qualmark accredited lodging supplier, client action and transport provider, visitor service and location is assessed in their own environmental performance and required to meet a set of minimum standards. Those which excel get a bronze, silver or gold certificate they might promote with their score.

In addition, the small South Island tourist town of Kaikoura (famous for whale watching) was exceptionally proactive related to salvation. In 2004 Kaikoura became the first local authority in the world to achieve Green Globe 21 Certification.  Green Globe is a global benchmarking and certification process for sustainable tourism and traveling. Kaikoura District Council launched an ecological and societal policy activity program using Green Globe’s guidelines, reduced its solid waste output signal via a zero waste plan which has saved the district thousands of dollars, also introduced a carbon offset scheme to be certain their carbon footprint is radically decreased. The certification is currently a unique selling point for Kaikoura as a destination which has contributed to greater visitation.

Initiatives such as these show how New Zealand is leading the way with sustainable tourism. It is ensuring that we involved with the industry live the clean green image our international visitors expect. And due to the breadth of the sector throughout NZ, renewable worth are hitting all communities throughout the country.

1: Tourism Satellite Account – 2007
Two: New Zealand Tourism Strategy 2015

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