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The Tauranga marketplace relies on a varied and vigorous industry base that provides it with tremendous earnings from exports. With strong networks and aid in investments, the business community in this region is strong and performing really well. The Tauranga marketplace has a booming Agricultural sector due to the fertile lands which are attractive to farmers. Most startup businesses participate with bio pharmaceuticals and genetics, organic products extraction, innovative wood processing equipment, the production of exotic Asian vegetables and herbs like raw and export fungi. But, opportunities for investments can also be available in emerging businesses like aquaculture, such as property based fish farms. The regions 50 year application for infrastructural growth is supposed to create sure proper infrastructure prior to the regions increasing growth and expansion.

Over 170 exporters can be found in Tauranga, chiefly caused by the Tauranga Port Services that is powerful enough to transport products fast around the globe. As a result of this, the region’s port is certainly the greatest in New Zealand making it the perfect choice for both local and overseas exports too as investment from New Zealand. Roughly seven million tones of exports and approximately 5 million tones of imports are done by means of this port annual. The port functions the golden triangle consisting of Waikato, Bay of Plenty and the Auckland region. New Zealand’s main exporters, ZESPRI International, Balance Agri-Nutrients, and TrustPower are situated in this field. Kiwi strawberry and avocado, boat building and marine options, software development, logistics and transportation, design, creation and engineering, aqua culture and food processing are strong industries in this area’s marketplace.

Smart Economy, the economical development plan for Tauranga, in partnership with the government and other business service organizations in the field has identified key business regions necessary for the ongoing development of the region.

• Horticulture & Agriculture
• Food production
• Information & communications Tech
• Shipping, logistics & supply
• Design Creation & technology
• Marine answers
• Business services
• Construction
• Tourism

The implementation of this Smart Economy strategy began in 2004 and could be handled and monitored by Priority One, the economic development agency for the region. A variety of studies have shown that presence is higher at Tauranga and 11 other New Zealand cities with approximately 93 percentage of the regions residents admitting to a positive overall quality of lifestyle, score it as “really great” or even “good”. It is likely to be the next most important city outside Auckland by 2016.

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