Intro to the West Coast, New Zealand

A round trip of the South Island will take down the West Coast, New Zealand’s last unspoilt frontier property.

The northern part of the West Coast includes firstly the Buller District and next the Grey District. Here you will discover inland forests, wild coast, friendly little Kiwi cities plus a area full of character and history.

As you make your way round the Coast Road stop for the mad sweeping beaches – glorious in sunset, and find out more about the dense, dark volcano to acquire an experience of character in its unruly state.

Things to do across the North West Coast

There is so much to investigate and observe in this superb location. It’s likely to visit Karamea’s fascinating Oparara Archs, visit a fur seal colony out of its regular environment or watch the famous Buller Gorge in Westport.

Soothe away your aches and pains at Maruia Springs near Reefton or even locate the intriguing history of the West Coast by stepping back in time at Shantytown, an interesting replica gold rush town of the 1860’s.

Find out more about the geographical miracle that is Punakaiki pancake rocks, or catch the sixth biggest epic train traveling on Earth, the TranzAlpine train journey is a comfy way to discover the great landscapes of the Southern Alps and the West Coast.

Fly fish the superb mountain region of the Lewis Pass, or even to find something distinct discover how greenstone, which may be only located at the West Coast, might be transformed into something amazing in the hands of expert carvers. You might even find it on your own in a couple of those terrific boulders lying in West Coast Rivers. Talking about oceans, you might enjoy skiing and biking in this river sport setting.

Climbers flock into the area also to manage Charleston rock faces’ with their variety of technical gains with problem ratings from 1 to 2 32.

Significant Towns and Tourist Hotspots

  • Karamea – This secluded haven caters to its tramper, caver, birdwatcher, botanist, geologist, adventurer and a great deal more. Best of all it is snuggled up from the sexy northwest corner of the South Island.
  • Westport / / Charleston / / Buller Gorge – A port town near the mouth of the Buller River and also the largest city in the northern West Coast. 45 percentage of the district inhabitants reside in Westport.
  • Punakaiki – most famous for the Pancake Rocks and Blowholes and internationally recognized as one of New Zealand’s visitor icons.
  • Greymouth – the largest city in the West Coast, together with the industrial centre of the region.

West Coast South

What’s it like?

Well for starters, one of the world’s most accessible glaciers, the Franz Josef and the Fox Glacier, create their grinding paths in West Coast South, that’s composed of Westland, a long, slender strip of New Zealand Paradise. This region is densely populated and contains a fascinating history, amazing National Parks and plus a World Heritage.

The West Coast can be referred to as the only New Zealand nesting region of the White Heron (kotuku), which nests in the Waitangi Roto Reserve. Eco-tours see the area from this small farming township of Whataroa. This elegant bird exerts the New Zealand two dollar coin. Not only are you can observe white heron, but more attention wildlife abounds in the West Coast South. There is also a exceptional screen of genuine New Zealand plant life.

Also find pristine castles too which combine with the landscape to produce spectacular scenery.

Things to do in West Coast South

You can’t miss out on all there is to play at Hokitika, the home the bizarre and beautiful Wild Food Festival. Be amazed at the local art, craft and famous New Zealand shopping, or just watch enchanting being made if greenstone comes to presence in the hands of expert carvers.

See New Zealand’s mythical bird the kiwi, at the National Kiwi Centre, or move further south to acquire organic beauty in one of many amazing National Parks of the Southern Region or venture into remote New Zealand to visit tiny fishing villages, the Haast Pass and much more!

Discover both huge, historic ice rivers that creak and creep their way to the rain forests and measure the ice just minutes from the towns that take the glaciers’ names. You have the ability to explore ice caves, heli-hike their peaks, land on the snow from ferry plane or just peek in their cold, blue white beauty. Just be prepared to be wowed!

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