Golf in New Zealand

New Zealand has 4 million individuals, the golf courses per head of population on earth (just before Scotland), using a golf course for each 10 000 individuals.
New Zealand is a golfer’s paradise with a golf course in each picturesque place offering excellent views; no nation can match the golf diversity that New Zealand has to offer you. Golf courses in New Zealand are readily available with excellent green prices and friendly locals that offer to perform and share a drink with you. Most classes will cost between $10 and $40nzd with just the personal, championship, and hotel style classes charging more.

Many New Zealand classes do not require reservations with just the personal, championship and resort courses requiring the complex bookings. With the total amount of golf courses around you won’t need to be worried about getting a match in if you do forget to reserve.
New Zealand has generated several world class nicely experienced professional gamers that the very well known being Sir Bob Charles who won several international championships together with his most famous being the 1963 British Open and 2005 US Open winner Michael Campbell
Some off another New Zealand professionals comprise Simon Owen, Craig Perks, Grant Waite, Frank Nobilo, David Smail, Steven Alker, Marnie McGuire, Lynette Brooky, Michael Long, Phillip Tatarangi, Richard Lee and Greg Turner.

New Zealand also has a number of other up and coming professionals such as Eddie Lee, Mahal Pearce, Tim Wilkinson, Gareth Padderson and Bradley Heaven just to name a few.
New Zealand has a reputation for creating golf gift.

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