About Us

New Zealand Hunting Outfitters

Hi, my name is Mike Wilks and together with my wife Deborah, own and operate South Pacific Safaris New Zealand, specializing in the best New Zealand trophy red stag, elk, fallow, tahr, chamois, boar, feral goat and arapara ram hunts .  We pride ourselves in getting the very best trophies available for our hunters and have the reputation for doing so. Not only do our red stags, elk and fallow bucks score well but have huge mass, width and points.I have been associated with hunting for almost my entire life. My passion for hunting and the great New Zealand outdoors began when as a young boy I accompanied my grandfather on rabbit hunts and it wasn’t long before I was successfully hunting larger game such as red stag, and boar. I have also been “the client” and my motto is to treat all hunters exactly how I like to be treated, honestly and not be misled. I am not only the Outfitter but also full time guide along with Hayden who has worked for us for 5 years and is a dedicated hunter and is passionate in finding you the very best trophies possible.

As a teenager in the early 70’s I entered the lucrative market of commercial meat hunting for wild game. This further developed my hunting skills and understanding  of game animals including red stag, tahr, chamois and boar, while also increasing my knowledge of prime hunting areas throughout New Zealand. The commercial aspect of hunting was carried a step further when I spent a couple of years as a shooter in New Zealand’s world renowned helicopter game recovery industry.

In later years I became involved in the Safari Hunting business as a hunting guide and have been associated with this activity for the past 15 years. I now, own and operate South Pacific Safaris New Zealand. With over 30 years hunting experience I offer my knowledge to hunters wanting to realize their dream of taking outstanding trophies amongst our magnificent mountains.

We live on our 4,000-acre ranch just 15 minutes drive south of the world-renowned marine capital of New Zealand, Kaikoura. Our luxury hunting lodge and newly completed luxury units offer un-paralleled views of  the Pacific Ocean and our bush clad valley which extends to the west and is home to the red stag, fallow bucks, Elk, feral goats and wild boar.  Our Exclusive hunting concessions to hunt chamois and tahr are close by and with proven management are producing some of the best trophies to come out of new Zealand. We know each hunter is different and tailor make each hunt to suit. We offer a number of different hunting methods and cater for all ages and fitness levels. Our two Guides, Hayden and John both have extensive knowledge and passion for hunting.

We are fortunate to have our daughter (Katie) work with us and she and Deborah look after all non- hunters and cook some of the best, fresh cuisine there is with Lobster appearing on the menu when available. Kaikoura is the home of fresh seafood. New Zealand is also  gaining a reputation for excellent wines and we serve our regions best.

Mike is a member of SCI , FNAWS, Dallas Safari Club, NRA and the New Zealand Professional Hunters & Guides Association.

Deborah, Katie, John, Hayden and I look forward to sharing our piece of paradise with you.